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Defying Conventions: Why We Prefer Landscape Orientation for Headshots

In the world of professional photography, conventions are often seen as unwritten rules that we should all abide by. One such convention in headshot photography is the ‘portrait orientation’ – aptly named for its alignment with the human form. However, at Hue12 Studios, we are all about exploring different paths, not just for the sake of being contrarian, but for creating art with a broader perspective and unlimited potential. That’s why we have chosen to adopt the seemingly unconventional ‘landscape orientation’ for our headshots.

Why is landscape orientation our preferred choice for headshots, and how does it make the image more versatile than one photographed in the traditional portrait orientation? Let’s dive deep into our creative ethos.

More Than Just Faces

At Hue12 Studios, we believe that headshots are not just about capturing faces; they are about capturing personalities. When we shoot a headshot in landscape orientation, it allows us to include more context into the frame, thereby adding layers to the story we are trying to tell. Be it the background or the subject’s attire, the additional context can often speak volumes about the individual’s personality and profession.

Flexibility in Composition

Landscape orientation offers greater flexibility when it comes to composition. It allows for an asymmetric distribution of space, which can add intrigue and dynamism to the headshot. Whether we choose to place the subject off-center or create a balanced composition with the use of environmental elements, the landscape format enables us to experiment with the rule of thirds more freely and effectively.

Versatility for Different Media

The media landscape has undergone significant changes in the past few years. Digital platforms have now become an integral part of personal and professional lives. The majority of these platforms, such as websites and social media, have designs that lean towards landscape orientation, making these headshots more suitable for digital applications. A landscape headshot is not only perfect for LinkedIn banners, website headers, and television interviews but also for the increasingly popular virtual meetings or webinars.

Bigger Picture, Deeper Connection

The landscape orientation provides a larger visual field, thereby inviting the viewer to delve deeper into the image. It doesn’t just present a face but presents a face within a context, which helps in creating a deeper connection between the viewer and the subject. It allows the viewer’s eyes to wander and explore the image, thereby making the headshot more engaging.

Fostering Innovation

Last but not least, by opting for landscape orientation, we at Hue12 Studios aim to challenge the norms and foster innovation. It encourages us to think out of the box, explore new perspectives, and push the boundaries of creativity.

While portrait orientation has its merits and will always be a classic choice for headshots, we believe that the landscape orientation opens up a myriad of possibilities that are worth exploring. After all, versatility is not about sticking to conventions; it’s about embracing change and adapting to new ideas. By shooting headshots in landscape orientation, we are not only creating unique images but also paving the way for a more versatile and creative approach to headshot photography.

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